2Smokeyy Reacts! Single Corn Taken Down By The Police

UK drill rapper 2smokeyy reacts over newly released single “Corn,” Taken Down on top streaming platforms by the UK police department.

Following reports we received, 2smokeyy took to his social media pages this morning with a sad news! He posted on his Instagram Story with a caption saying, “this piggy’s needs to get off my d*ck cuz…”

2smokeyy reacts to corn take down
His Instagram story

Do you think 2Smokeyy might be referring to the UK police as pigs?

Drop your opinions below!

Why was 2smokeyy – Corn Taken Down By The Police?

Corn music video already made over 600k views on YouTube since it’s release date, 25 January, 2021.

The song contains no violent act in the visuals or even bars that are incriminating. So Reason for Corn take down on streaming platforms is unknown.

You can Check out 2smokeyy Corn Lyrics yourself and see if FED has enough reason to take down this single. Or maybe FED just don’t want the Camden man to blow?

You can also Stream, listen to & download Corn – 2Smokeyy mp3.

FED might think ruining music careers is gonna stop knife crimes in the Uk. And for 2smokeyy, this issue seems not to be bothering him. He took to his Instagram story again with a new caption encouraging fans to keep streaming Corn, on available streaming platforms.

2smokeyy encourages fans to keep streaming!

ActiveGxng fans are already re-uploading 2smokeyy Corn on different platforms and seriously batching United kingdom police department for taking down a dope UK drill song like Corn.


2smokeyy Instagram page?

His Instagram handle is @2smokeyy_activegxng

How many views 2Smokeyy Corn got before Take Down?

2Smokeyy’s new song Corn got taken Down at 600k views.

I can’t find 2Smokeyy Corn video on YouTube?

2Smokeyy Corn video was removed from YouTube on 31 Jan, 2021.

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