Aitch net worth, age, real name and height 2021

Everything you need to know about Aitch; “How much is Aitch worth?”

Twenty one year old rapper’s net worth 2021, Aitch has become a millionaire through his hard work in the music industry.

Aitch Profile

First of all, who is Aitch? Aitch a well known:

  • Rapper
  • Singer
  • Songwriter

Aitch Age:

and was born in Thurs, Dec, 09, 1999. After calculating the birthdate, Aitch age is 21 years old. After coming to this far, Aitch is being able to maintain his net worth impressively.

Aitch Real name:

His real name is Harrison Armstrong.

Where is Aitch from?

He’s from New Moston, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Aicth Height:

Aitch is 5.8ft tall.

His singles and albums are trending all over the world, and it’s no big deal his making real passive income from streaming platforms. On YouTube streaming, Aitch is very popular and he’s one amongst you-tubers that have grown large fan base through music and generates large revenue from streams.

What is Aitch Net Worth 2021?

How much is Aitch worth?

Currently as of this writing he is worth around $1.5 million US Dollars. As he makes gross income of about $1k dollars per day from online streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Tidal.

There is a massive number of searches on the internet every day about Aitch age, and height. So, we can say Aitch height, age, and his bio will be everywhere on the internet soon.

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