Anderson .Paak +. Jay Rock + J.I.D + Noname = Lockdown Remix

Anderson .Paak +. Jay Rock + J.I.D + Noname = Lockdown Remix (Full-Zip Download) [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Though more and more artists are beginning to brave the great outdoors once again, many are still dealing with the lingering effects of the pandemic — not to mention the ongoing fight for racial equality, cause that brought thousands strong into the streets. Amidst all the tumult, Anderson .Paak decided to take his thoughts to the booth and blessed us with “Lockdown,” a reflective take on the world’s state of affairs. Now, he’s doubling down with a star-studded remix, enlisting J.I.D, Noname, and Jay Rock to add their voice to the choir.

On what may be the most bountiful day in J.I.D’s history, with him appearing on a total of three brand new tracks today, he’s once again tasked with setting things off. “People tired of taking beatings from beasts covered in sheets,” he raps. “I love n***s, but we too forgiving for how they treating us / reparations, though, we tryna get even.”

Fan-favorite Noname, who has spoken on many societal issues at length, delivers some firey bars in the second verse. “We seen ’em murder the indigenous, the Passage Middle,” he raps. “The Constitution, a life for a bag of Skittles / so when we bleed, I load the sacred pistol.” Last comes Jay Rock, who turns in a strong performance despite a few eyebrow-raising bars — “Know the difference from a pan- and a plan-demic
Just a bunch of bullshit, how we land in it?” he spits, before casting doubt on Bill Gates to close things out. Check it out for yourself now.

Just run the paper, maybe then we can start the conversation
Common ground, prison compounds full of my fuckin’ people
How you still sleepin’?
Have you had your coffee this evening, Karen?
‘Cause you seem a little off
All the black girls missin’ and endin’ up inside the coffins
But you mad when they hashtag “BlackLivesMatter” on the front your sidewalks
Diabolical thoughts, diatribe from dialogues

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