LB Spiffy Net Worth, Age, Bio, And Real Name

Verified LB Spiffy net worth, age, bio, real name.

Spiffy pushed into spotlight for his 2019 hit record titled “Frozen,” he also got cosigns from well known American rapper Drake, and TikTok shout-outs from Kylie Jenner. LB Spiffy currently has no Wikipedia Profile as of this writing, if you can contribute to this profile kindly contact us via email hiphopguc[email protected], “we appreciate any information you give.”

LB Spiffy Net Worth And Biography 2021

Biography: 18 years old African-American rapper born June, 2002, he hails from Toronto, Canada.

LB Spiffy has been ready to grow huge fan-base all before graduating high-school. His album titled “So Spiffy” (2018) exposed him to an international audience, his single No time (2017) featuring Iraq and Lanks made over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

He spoke on an interview with Genius saying “he prefers team work than working alone,” working alongside his friends to produce his music gives him more positive vibe than negative vibe.

Net Worth: Currently LB Spiffy is worth $150,000 in United States dollars.

Quick Facts on LB Spiffy

Real Name:Loyal Boss Spiffy
Age:18 (Born June, 2002)
Net Worth:$150,000
Social Media:LB Spiffy Instagram/Twitter
Quick Facts on LB Spiffy.


LB 2018 album titled So Spiffy.

LB Spiffy 2020 album titled Lb No Pounds Track-list:

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