Lil Wayne reveals that he got fifty-three songs back from his last studio session

It’s an undisputed fact that Lil Wayne is one of the greatest rappers alive, outworking the majority of artists for decades. His mixtape run was indescribable and his albums have only cemented him as an obvious choice for the greatest of all time, battling other accomplished minds like Jay-Z, Tupac, and more. At the rate Wayne is moving, he’s still living inside the studio, recording countless records on a yearly basis. We can’t imagine how many songs he created during the lead-up to Funeral but, if you want an idea, just listen to what he’s got to say during a recent interview with MTV and Fresh Out.

When reporter Jamila Mustafa asked the rapper about his vault, which she said contained over eighty songs, Lil Wayne gave her a perplexed look before asserting that the numbers were all wrong.

Lil Wayne

“She said eighty songs in your vault… she said two-hundred,” laughed Lil Tunechi before explaining that, solely in his last studio session, he walked away with an astronomical number of hits. “I’ll put it like this. When you leave the studio and you ask, ‘can I get what I did tonight?,’ it comes back as files. My last files was 53. I did 53 songs that night.”

Clearly a workaholic, the Young Money businessman also explained that he originally wanted to get Nicki Minaj on The Masked Singer before appearing himself, also claiming that he wants to get some work done with Lizzo. Watch below.

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