Mac Miller – Ayye

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Mac Miller is one of those rare artists with a traceable musical evolution. You can start at the beginning of his discography and end up at Swimming and truly witness the growth as it occurs. A seemingly insatiable creative, Mac pushed himself to experiment as both an emcee and a songwriter; it’s surreal that the same man who penned Delusional Thomas is also responsible for “Dunno.” But no matter where your heart lies, it’s hard to deny the simple pleasure of the K.I.D.S era, where Mac was beginning to gain confidence as an emcee.

Today, Rostrum Records have released the Deluxe Edition of the K.I.D.S LP, which comes complete with two new singles — “Back In The Day” and “Ayye,” produced by Mac’s longtime collaborator E. Dan. Over a whimsical instrumental, Mac proudly declares to be “all grown up,” puffing his chest out over a steady drumline. “Too many people always thought I wouldn’t ever do shit,” he spits. “I’m ruinin’ my life and I’ll never get rich.” Little did he know what he would go on to accomplish. Be sure to check out the two new Mac cuts, and show some love for the fallen emcee in the comment section below.

Don’t fade to black, I’ma stain the map
Yeah, I’m changin’ rap and my name is Mac
Trust me, then I’m ready when the cameras flash
‘Cause the boy got presents like Santa’s bag
Travel everywhere, homie, Alabama and back
My fans in the back in the stand and they clap

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