Mac Miller – Back In The Day

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Ten years ago, Mac Miller’s K.I.D.S hit the scene, establishing the young Pittsburgh emcee as one to watch in the game. And while it can’t be denied that the late artist evolved — even improved — with time, the simple charm of his youthful output remains a breath of fresh air. Today marks the release of Mac’s K.I.D.S Deluxe Edition, which unlike the average Deluxe drop of today, actually feels like a tasteful and necessary treat for the fans. With two brand new tracks from the album’s nostalgic era, Mac’s early style has a chance to shine once more on the smooth “Back In The Day.”

As tends to be the case when listening to Mac Miller, a bittersweet feeling tends to be evoked. Hearing him rap about the simple pleasures of receiving free jeans and free weed with such a carefree demeanor. “Used to think that I was too short or too dumb, just a newcomer to the game tryna do something,” he raps. “Used to runnin’ after ice cream trucks, but now I just stroll, lacе my Nike’s up.” Reflections of a young man coming up in the world, basking in the fresh warmth of validation. You love to see it, as much as it might hurt. Check out “Back In The Day,” one of two new tracks from K.I.D.S Deluxe Edition, out now.

Just a little snotty nose tryna find his pot of gold
Stayin’ up late on the phone, always callin’ hoes
Never thought I’d blow, no one took me serious
Now they see me walkin’ down the street like, “Oh, there he is”

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