Matoma’s Net Worth is Rising Rapidly 2020


Matoma's Net Worth is Rising Rapidly

Before we calculate his net worth let’s meet him first!

Norwegian disk-jockey known as Matoma is not only a DJ, he has made top-charting hit songs as a record producer. His hit record “Old Thing Back” (2015) made him over 5 million streams on each online music stores like YouTube, iTunes music, Spotify, and many more… The song also peaked at #24 on billboard top hundred that same year.

Talking about his net worth do you think the guy is Pablo in his city? Continue as I talk about his net worth below.

How much is Matoma worth?

As of April 22nd, 2020 Matoma is worth over $2.5 million – $5 million.

Matoma is just 30 or will be 30 on May 2020 and he owns a house worth $800,000 and a BMW luxurious vehicle worth $150,000… Loud!

This dude is so rich already, and he keeps working hard for money to get into his account.


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