Mir Fontane – Georgia Peaches

MP3 Download {Format: 320kbps} Mir Fontane – Georgia Peaches

If you haven’t been keeping up with Mir Fontane this year, you’ve done yourself a disservice. He’s been running rampant this year with the release of two new projects and countless hot new singles. He isn’t slowing down, either. Macaroni Tony returned this week with his latest single, “Georgia Peaches.” Mir Fontane merges funk and soul for a smooth and sensual record with DIOR & BNYX holding down the production with a strong 80s vibe.

“I got inspired to write Georgia Peaches because at the time it was hard to make myself happy…emotionally. I started taking music too seriously, life too seriously. I used the funk that I was in to create Georgia Peaches and the birth of Macaroni Tony,” Mir Fontane said in a statement. “The song gives me heavy 80’s vibes and everytime I hear it I just wanna dance, skate, go to a cookout or something enjoyable. It’s one of the few happy, upbeat songs in my dark and melodic catalog.”

Check it out below.

Quotable Lyrics
No one made love to you like me
You know I love that sugar, honey, iced tea
You be tellin’ all your friends you don’t like me
But I be knockin’ down your walls fort nightly

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