Popcaan’s net worth in 2020? The Truth!

Popcaan’s net worth in 2020? $2 million USD or More

Popcaan’s net worth confirmed and updated as of January 2021…

Andrea Hugh Sutherland is popularly known as Popcaan was born in the parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica. He is just 32 years old and he is already a legend in the music industry world, he’s made his way into the mainstream of pop culture, something that is very difficult to do, even in this day and age of the Internet.

Proof on Popcaan’s net worth in 2020

Popcaan’s net worth is $2 million US Dollars. He has made his money off of being a songwriter, singer, and DJ. He plays a variety of music, so much that his sound could be referred to as fusion dance hall, which is nothing if not interesting for those who are fans of the genre.

Popcaan got his biggest break after he was signed to Vybz Kartel‘s Gaza Music Empire in 2008. Co-signing in dance hall royalty broke Popcaan into the dance hall world, and it was easy for him to develop a large, loyal fanbase.

But it wasn’t until 2010 that Popcaan broke into the mainstream, and he did it when he collaborated with his mentor, Vybz Kartel, on the hit song “Clarks,” which was a tribute to the popular sneakers of the same name.

Popcaan made his way to the top

After that, Popcaan was on his way to the top, where he continues to dominate. In 2014, he signed to Mixpak Records, where he began releasing his singles. His hit singles include “Only Man She Want” (2011), “Everything Nice” (2014), “Ova Dweet” (2016), “El Chapo” (2017), and “Family” (2017).

He has also collaborated with other mainstream artists, such as Drake, Cardi B, Jamie xx, Pusha T, Giggs, Matoma, Wale, Gorillaz, and Davido.

And in 2018, Popcaan made the ultimate move into the mainstream when Drake announced that he would be signed to OVO Sound. Popcaan’s first album with OVO Sound was released in December 2019 and was called Vanquish.

In January 2020, Popcaan announced that he returned to the Motherland — specifically, to Ghana — and purchased a house. He joined the likes of Rita Marley, who was granted Ghanaian citizenship in 2018, in his return to the Motherland.

Even though Popcaan has a net worth of $2 million United States Dollars in 2020, this claim has made him, reportedly, dance hall’s wealthiest under-35-year-old artist. This claim, too, challenges Janesville‘s claim of being the wealthiest artist in dance hall, even though Janesville claim is still up for debate.

One thing is for certain: no matter who is the wealthiest artist in the dance hall, and no matter what age, Popcaan is an artist that has a high net worth in 2020, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him.

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