Ramriddlz- Skittlz

MP3 Download {Format: 320kbps} Ramriddlz- Skittlz

Toronto’s Ramriddlz‘ personality and charisma are just as infectious as his vocal prowess on tracks. On top of that, his versatility holds no barriers as he can easily dabble in dancehall and switch over to more hard-hitting trap sh*t without sounding contrived. That’s his magic on wax and it’s proved successful time and time again, especially on 2019’s Ramreaper.

Though he hasn’t flooded the streets with new music this year, he has blessed fans with a few singles such as “SCUMROD” and the R&B-influenced “Helluva.” Taking on a more electro feel, Ramriddlz dropped off his new single, “Skittlz” this week. The rhythm of afrobeats meets electro-pop with Jaegen fitting the production for Ram’s airy vocal performance and slick player talk.

Check out Ramriddlz’ latest single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Hold on baby can you solve me this riddle?
What’s the opposite of liquor, make your pum pum thicker
If you wet, ’till it rip her
Make you sweat, make you scissor
Not frail or fickle, make you drool and dribble
And what will leave you crippled?


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