Rich Brian – Don’t Care

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With a new project coming out at the end of the month, Rich Brian is back on his grind, releasing another single that we can expect on 1999.

Following up on the release of “Love In My Pocket,” the Indonesian rapper has made a revelation on his latest single, taking in all the criticism and finally convincing himself that he really shouldn’t be giving too much of a damn about what people think of him.

“Don’t Care” is officially out now on all streaming services. Additionally, the music video was released overnight.

The track speaks to Brian’s mental state right now. As a 20-year-old young man, Brian is still coming into his own. Of course, as the first Asian artist to reach #1 on iTunes’ hip-hop charts, his situation is a little different than most other people his age. However, he’s still struggling with certain feelings, especially when it comes to people’s perceptions of himself and his music. “Don’t Care” is precisely about that.

Watch the video below and stay tuned for 1999’s release on August 25.

Quotable Lyrics

I been hurtin’, tryna fix the world
And find the people that I gotta save
I been tryna find the beauty in this shit
It’s been like twenty-seven days
I wanna say that it’s all good, but I’m tryin’ not to tell a lie
I been thinkin’ that it may be time to tell myself that I
Don’t care
I don’t really care
What they say
It’s just another day

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