Young Dolph – Until It Rot

MP3 Download {Format: 320kbps} Young Dolph – Until It Rot

Young Dolph announced his retirement from hip-hop a while back and as one can imagine, fans were pretty upset about it. However, it’s clear Dolph got the itch to start making music again, as on Friday, he dropped his brand new project called Rich Slave which is packed with new songs and content.

From top to bottom, the project is filled with bangers, and one of our favorites has definitely been “Until It Rot.” In this track, Dolph speaks about his success and how he isn’t afraid to flaunt it. He also laughs and dismisses haters who can’t seem to get on his level, and only hate due to obvious envy.

It’s a straight-forward banger that will certainly help contribute to your Sunday vibes.

Quotable Lyrics:

They woke me straight up and said, “Go buy a Lamb'” (Damn)
You ain’t shit if your son don’t wanna be just like his daddy (Damn)
Twenty racks, bust down, Cartier glasses (Damn)
You got bitch habits, I got money habits (Damn)

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